This is the first Incredible Edibles Candy Maker I get to try on video. It was fun to use my colorful oven to make the bugs and learn the process. There are a bunch of different Incredible Edibles ad on packs you could get to make different candy treats in this oven. There is a playlist lower in the description with other sets from the Creepy Crawlers line for Incredible Edibles.

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0:08 Intro/Box Details
2:02 Parts
3:08 Installing Bulb
4:56 Putting Decals On
9:25 Recipes/Mixes
14:28 Pouring Into Molds
18:02 Baking Time
20:29 Removing From Oven
22:48 Removing From Molds
24:42 Mixing The Next Batch (Orange)
29:18 Pouring Into Molds
30:26 Removing From Oven
31:17 Mixing The Purple Batch
35:12 Pouring Into Molds
36:03 Mixing The Green Batch
39:38 Pouring Into Molds
40:34 The Final Products

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Incredible Edibles Gross-Eries Mini Candy Maker - 1994, ToyMax Toys
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