​​​Make ice cream in just 3 minutes with this Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker. As seen on TV! Watch as I test this maker.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: As I start a new maker like this I always get a little nervous not knowing if it will work. If you watch, you will see I read the directions a few times and slowly go over each step to make sure I'm doing it right. As the process goes on, I settle in and work towards completing the recipe that I'm making. As you can see at the end, it all worked out and I was able to get a soft serve ice cream. You have to remember that the video booth is hotter with the lights and might affect the outcome of the ice cream.


▶▶ Product Info
Ice Cream Magic is a new age innovation that helps make ice creams in just 3 minutes of time. It follows a unique scientific design which puts any flavor into ice cream using only ice, water, salt and flavor. It can make ice creams in three simple steps and can be started with adding ice cubes, water and little salt to start a deep freezing process inside the product. Add desired flavor and some cream should to be poured in the bowl that fits right above the ice cubes. Lastly the product needs to be shaken for about 3 minutes for a yummy ice cream. Ice Cream Magic is a wonderful product and can be used by anyone and can be a shake your ice cream activity in party for kids.

▶▶ Skip Times
0:15 Overview
1:25 Unboxing
1:57 Parts Inventory
2:29 Instructions & Steps in Process
4:10 Step 1 - Fill Crushed Ice, Water & Salt
5:05 Step 2 Mixing Ingredients
6:30 Step 3 - Pouring in Ice Cream Mix
7:19 Step 4 - Shaking the Ice Cream Mix / (Watch for all the up coming toy videos)
10:38 3 Minutes...Needs More Shaking!
13:40 2 more minutes of Shaking
14:10 Adding Mint Chips
14:23 Taste Testing The Final Product
15:41 Update: After 1/2 Hour in the Freezer

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▶▶ Fun Translations
Check out these fun international language product translations!

آيس كريم ماجيك "Магически сладолед" "冰淇淋魔法" "Zmrzlina magie" "Eis-Magie" "קסם גלידה" "Magia del gelato" "アイスクリーム マジック" "아이스크림 마술" "Lody Magic" "Sorvete mágico" "Магия мороженого" "Magia del helado" "เมจิกครีม"