Huntly's Paper Warplanes F4U Corsair & Nieuport 17 vintage warplanes. This is the second video in the build!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is the second video in my build of the Huntly's F4U Corsair. I'm guessing it will be two more videos to complete this project. It is an interesting learning curve on doing something for the first time. I really have to take my time and look forward in the build to see if I'm doing things correctly. It is pretty nerve racking doing this on video :)

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Huntly's Paper Airplane Corsair F4U Replica Vintage Warplane
0:35 Balsa Wood Cuts
1:20 Engine Front
4:00 Center Clowling & Cockpit Assembly
7:53 Cutting Engine Front
12:44 Gluing Engine Front
14:09 Cut & Glue Engine Clowling
15:52 Cockpit Assembly Bend
18:58 Gluing Cockpit & Nose Piece
24:04 Gluing Engine Front
27:31 Folding Engine Front Down
29:10 Cement Engine Cuff

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