So much fun to try another Japanese kit on video. I showed this kit on a video from the last DIY maker set and this was the one picked to show next. I originally thought this was a candy making kit, then after reading the back it said "Gum" and finally realizing when making the video that it was a soft candy. Did you figure out all of the Pokémon characters in this video? I went back to the Japan Crate brochure and they listed the character names on the brochure.

Pikachu - Litten - Rowlet - Rockruff - Komala - Togedemaru & Popplio - ??

Did you get them right? I will be checking the comments and see if anyone figured out the 6 I had shown. Remember this video is part of a much larger DIY kit series where I have opened at least 60 other kits like this on video.

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