​​​I really looked forward to this Mini Streex Hot Wheels Happy Meal Toy Set! The boxes were a fun challenge to put together.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: The bonus item on this video was a 1979 Star Trek Game Card from McDonald's. It was fun to put together! As I started with the Streex boxes, I realized they were really cool and had a lot of interesting cut out shapes. There was a total of 8 Streex car in this set and they were a a lot of fun to play with! I think we need to get some of the original full size cars to compare them too.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Introduction Of Set
1:32 Bonus Item - 1979 Star Trek
2:39 Star Trek Game Setup & Play!
10:44 The Happy Meal Boxes
22:35 Box #2 Setup & Play
34:57 Black Arrow Mini-Streex
37:02 Turbo Flyer Mini-Streex
38:30 Blade Burner Mini Streex
40:11 Hot Shock Mini-Streex
42:30 Quick-Flash Mini-Streex
44:02 Flame-Out Mini-Streex
45:11 Racer Tracer Mini-Streex
46:30 Night Shadow Mini-Streex
47:12 Testing Launchers
49:16 Final Presentation
51:10 Playing With Sets
54:09 Launching All 8 Cars!
54:45 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
1992 McDonalds Complete Mini Streex 8 Car Set
Flame-Out Mini-Streex
Black Arrow Mini-Streex
Quick-Flash Mini-Streex
Racer Tracer Mini-Streex
Hot Shock Mini-Streex
Blade Burner Mini Streex
Night Shadow Mini-Streex
Turbo Flyer Mini-Streex

Mini Streex Brochure Showing:
Jet Streex
Streex Target Tower
Streex High Speed Target Track

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