Hot Wheels Cars McDonald's 2006 Happy Meal Fast Food Toy Review - Here is the next set of McDonald's Happy Meal Toys from my collection. There are 8 cars in this set and I have to say they are all really nice cars. They are die cast and had a really nice look to them. Do you collect Hot Wheels? If so, then do you also add McDonald's Hot Wheels to your collection? Which ended up being your favorite? I have a few more Hot Wheels sets in my collection and even a full McDonald's restaurant display.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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#1 16 Angels Hot Wheels Toy Car
#2 Brutalistic Hot Wheels Toy Car
#3 Formul8tr Hot Wheels Toy Car
#4 What 4-2 Hot Wheels Toy Car
#5 Culstr Hot Wheels Toy Car
#6 Clawful Hot Wheels Toy Car
#7 Ford Fusion Hot Wheels Toy Car
#8 Asphalt Assault Hot Wheels Toy Car

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