​​​Time for a Hot Dog Slic'r! Butch and I could not help but have a Hot Dog Contest! Who made the best dog?

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This started as a demonstration of the Hot Dog Slic'r and ended up being a contest between Butch and LPS-Dave! In the end, LPS-Dave had to taste the special Butch Hot Dog - it had sardines, pasta-o's, whip cream, gummy bears and pink sprinkles. What a crazy hot dog. As you can see Butch ate his in one bite and I just barely took a bite! What a strange combination! The Triple Play Hot Dog Steamer worked great and made the video even more fun.


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The Triple Play Hot Dog Steamer
Evriholder Hot Dog Slic'r
Vienna Chicago Style Relish
Vienna Sport Peppers
Vienna Beef Franks
Vienna Kosher Dill Spears
French's Yellow Mustard
McCormicks Celery Salt
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
Cabot Whipped Cream
Crown Price Sardines
Pacific Pasta O's
Hot Dog Buns

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