​​​Hostess Twinkies Maker Set - Make your own Twinkies!

Buy Here ▶ http://luckypennyshop.com/hostess-electric-twinkie-maker/

[Key points in video]

0:14 Introduction/Product Overview
0:40 Box Opening & Parts
1:55 Instructions Booklet & Recipes
3:33 Ingredients Review Before Starting
4:13 Getting Started Mixing
6:24 Adding 2 Whole Eggs, one extra Egg Yolk & Vanilla Extract
7:27 Add Flour, Salt, Baking Powder & Milk
9:25 Plug In Unit, Spray With Vegetable Oil, Pour Batter Into Molds
12:10 Close Lid & Bake
12:23 Twinkies Comparison
13:08 Checking The Twinkies, Done Baking, Removing From Molds
15:43 Comparing These With A Real Twinkie
16:15 Making Vanilla Creme Frosting
21:07 Mixed To Mayonnaise Consistency
21:28 Filling Pastry Bag With Frosting
22:20 Injecting Twinkies In 3 Spots
25:30 Taste Testing These Twinkies & Comparing To Real Twinkies

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