Welcome to sweetness wonderland. With creme-filled chocolate cakes covered with marshmallow frosting then topped with coconut, SnoBalls are meant to be eaten, not thrown. Unless you’re throwing one into your mouth. Or a friend’s. Then that’s perfectly acceptable. Creating creme-filled cakes and delight is what we do. We’ve been at it for almost 100 years and we’re still making Hostess the original snack cake for every occasion. All of our products are baked with care and they are always perfectly delectable. We’re here to show the world how sweet life can be when you add a little cake and some creme filling.
  • 6 individually wrapped 2 count packages in each box
  • Creme-filled, chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting and coconut flakes
  • An incredibly tasty on-the-go snack ,0g trans fat
  • The packaging and color (White , Blue , Green , Orange , Pink) may vary for each season
  • Made by Hostess, baker of America's favorite snack cakes