​​​Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toy Sets from 2000 and 2001! Which HK set did you like the most. Let us know in the comments.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We decided to combine two sets in one video. In our collection of Happy Meal Toys, it is not often we have that close connection with toys. We have been going by year starting with our oldest sets and now finishing up the early 2000's. Our Happy Meal Toys will get newer as we go along and finally end up in the late 2000's


▶▶ Product Info/Skip Times
0:07 Intro/Hello Kitty Sets
2000 Hello Kitty McDonald's Happy Meal Set
0:36 Box Details
1:44 #1 Hello Kitty Crew Kid
3:37 #2 Hello Kitty Charm Watch
5:54 #3 Hello Kitty Sticker Art
7:39 #4 Hello Kitty Figurine
9:44 #5 Hello Kitty Wrap
10:44 #6 Dear Daniel Stamp Mobile
12:15 #7 Hello Kitty Kimono Figurine
13:19 #8 Hello Kitty Ballerina Scrunchy
13:48 #9 Hello Kitty Apple Combo Lock

2001 Hello Kitty McDonald's Happy Meal Set
17:03 Bag Details
17:49 #1 Beach Hello Kitty
18:35 #2 Picnic Hello Kitty
19:25 #3 Hello Kitty With Sticker
20:39 #4 PoChacco With Sticker
22:00 #5 Tennis Hello Kitty
22:40 #6 Gourmet Hello Kitty
23:15 #7 Badtz Maru With Sticker
24:18 #8 ChocoCat With Sticker
25:18 Complete Sets - Final Presentation!

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