​​​Hello Kitty Cookies For Santa Maker Set, Sanrio

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[Key points in video]

0:14 Introduction/Product Overview
1:30 Box Opening/Parts Overview
3:38 Mixing Cookie Dough Ingredients
7:38 Kneading The Cookie Dough
8:35 Rolling The Cookie Dough
9:40 Cutting Out The Shapes
11:02 Rolling Out More Cookie Dough & Cutting Shapes
12:55 Adding Decorating Sprinkles
13:49 Baking In The Oven
14:05 Decorating The Cookies
19:17 Stand Up Hello Kitty Cookie - Adding and Trimming Legs
20:46 Decorating Stand Up Hello Kitty Cookie
23:36 Decorating All-White Frosting Face Cookie
25:55 Tasting The Cookies & Hot Chocolate Time!
27:21 Final Thoughts

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