​​​Watch our product video for a Hello Kitty 24 Mini Cupcake Party Baking Kit.

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[Key points in video]

0:14 Introduction/Package Overview
1:17 Unboxing & Parts Inventory
3:06 Instructions
3:55 Ingredients
4:19 Mixing (Low Setting)
5:45 Mixing (Medium Setting)
7:18 Pour Batter Into Cups
9:21 Hello Kitty Surprise Items
12:24 Baking In Oven
13:02 Prepping The Frosting
13:55 Cupcake Skirts
14:32 Frosting Ingredients/Mixing
16:54 Strawberry Flavor Coloring
18:07 Add Milk
19:21 Adding Cupcake Skirts
20:01 Frosting Piping Bag
21:21 Frosting The Cupcakes
23:15 Adding Sprinkles
24:23 Adding Hello Kitty Picture Sticks
25:36 Final Presentation & Thoughts

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