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It was a fun surprise seeing all of these items in the shipping box! Alyse had her eye on a few of them and after the video, they ended up in her collection. These are so cute and colorful and since I have never shown one of the original Hatchimals, I was looking forward to checking these out. I did get word that we will have a full size Hatchimal on the way that I can show for the holidays!

I Listed all of the different items Alyse and I showed in the video. Was there any one that you liked more then the other? Let me know in the comments.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Spin Master Toys
Hatchimals Sound Clip-On Mystery Characters Inside
Hatchimals Wind-Up Eggliders
Hatchimals Wind-Up Waddlers
Hatchimals Clip-On Light
Hatchimals Series 1 Surprise Eggs
Hathcimals Mystery Minis With Plush Clip-On

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