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Check it out! This is the Season 2 Hatchimals! Spin Master sent a ton of Hatchimals to open on video. We normally like to hold a few back to add to a giveaway and also to our small collection of items for each series - We have some series 1 still in our collection. We were really looking forward to finding a special golden Hatchimal. I did not get to add the scan of the pamphlet! I had to get the video up and did not have the time to do the edit. Sorry! Here is a list of some of the ones Alyse was able to ID

Crystal Foxfin - common
Crystal Chameloon - rare
Crystal Octapitta - ultra rare

Magical Farrow - limited edition
Anteagle - rare
Frowl - rare
Draggie - common
Cheetree - rare
Hummingbear - rare

There were many more!

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