Thanks to Hasbro Gaming for this giant box filled with games!

Our daddy - daughter game days just added a bunch of new games to our videos! We hope to try all of these games together. We really do have game nights and even a bunch of games near our dinner table. Since I get so many new games from Hasbro and other companies, we are constantly trying new games and playing them together. Alyse and I are having fun together and enjoy spending time in the videos. Thanks to everyone supporting her, she really appreciates it. If your a fan of family games, board games and any game for that matter, then let us know in the comments! I listed the Hasbro games below.

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Hasbro Games Giant Box Filled With New Hasbro Family Board Game

Pie Face Sky High Game
Coin Hole Game
Hearing Things Game
Get A Grip Game
Pour Taste Game

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