So close! I almost thought we had it with this candy kit. It was one of the coolest kits I have used on video.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I think with a few small changes this kit would work really good. I think the gummy candy should be twice the size, then the candy injector would have something to really inject into. I'm definitely going to keep this kit and hopefully with some planning use it again. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Which was your favorite Harry Potter movie?


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Harry Potter Snake Bites Candy Maker - Mattel - 2001

0:08 - Showing the box
1:10 - Going over the Parts
3:20 - Making the Creature Gummy Candy
8:37 - Making the Venom Candy
12:10 - Re-making the Venom Candy
12:47 - Making the Petrifying Potion Candy
16:31 - Removing gummy creatures from the trays
18:24 - Creating the hard candy shell
21:09 - 1st attempt at injecting Candy Venom, play time & final thoughts

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