Another cool set! I'm in the bathroom, making my Harry Potter potions. This is a cool set, that worked great on video.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I was looking forward to using this set. I did get a little concerned seeing all of the parts and mixes. I had to take my time and do each section prior to making the first drink. They should have put that drink last! I'm glad I made every drink option that they showed in the instructions. Harry Potter fans, show your support in the comments.


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Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Maker - Mattel 2002

0:08 - Intro, checking out the box
1:33 - Going over the pieces
2:49 - Putting the set together
7:12 - Showing how the set works
9:28 - Mixing the first drink - "The Polyjuice Potion"
19:38 - Creating the drink with the set
31:57 - Making drink two - "Sleeping Draft"
39:14 - Making drink three - "Deflating Draft"
44:51 - Making drink four - "Mandrake Restorative Draft"
50:50 - Final thoughts - checking out all 4 drinks

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