This is the last of the Haribo snacks. Wait, I have one more bag of Haribo Dinosaurs which I want to show on video. That will be it for awhile. Back in the day, when I went shopping I had so much fun getting all kinds of items. Now, I have to be really careful and I broke my new rules of items by buying the Haribo snacks. Either way, I do miss the old days of YouTube when I did not have to worry about every video getting flagged.

I really do like gummy candy! I have probably tried over 100 different types on video. Every time is new for me because the shapes and flavors are all so unique. I enjoyed both of these and brought both bags up to the girls for a treat and they also enjoyed them. They are both all gone now! It took about 5 days to finish them.

Lucky Penny Thoughts:

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