Halloween Crazy Aaron's Scaredy Cat & Jack O'Lantern Thinking Putty - I wanted to take a short break from all of the candy I have been trying to show this Limited Edition Scaredy Cat Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty from Putty World. The color reminded me of a Star Dust from the 2016 Christmas Colors. I'm glad I was able to re-visit the Jack O'Lantern from 2014! The putty was just as soft and playable for being 3 years old.

I enjoy making putty videos and it was a nice change of pace from the candy videos. Here is the 2014 video with Butch in his "Bacon" dog costume.

Jack O'Lantern 2014 video:

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Halloween Crazy Aaron's Scaredy Cat & Jack O'Lantern Thinking Putty - #Puttyween

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