Check out this Kracie Popin' Cookin' - Japanese Gummy Candy Animals Kit. It is a rainbow of candy gummies!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was the first time I tried a kit like this with all of the different colors. You can make any colors you want just by mixing the liquid in the different little sections. It was easy, all you had to do was put the little shape on the white powder section and drop in the colored flavors!


▶ Key Points ◀
0:07 Introduction/Package Overview
0:55 Package Contents
1:45 Cutting Out Shape Molds & Tools
2:58 Instructions
4:30 Adding Powder To Tray (Green Bag)
4:52 Filling Chambers With Water
5:43 Adding Yellow Color
5:58 Adding Red Coloring
6:09 Adding Blue Color
6:34 Stirring Colors
7:22 Mixing Colors (Making Green)
8:33 Mixing Colors (Making Orange)
8:54 Mixing Colors (Making Purple)
9:26 Mixing Colors (Random Color)
9:51 Pressing Molds Into Powder Mix
10:16 Coloring Elephant Shape
10:54 Making Kitty Shape
11:34 Face Shape
12:20 Removing & Trimming Shapes
14:55 Decorating Kitty Shape
16:47 Making Elephant Eye Shapes
17:56 Making Starburst Shape
19:20 Adding Elephant Eye
23:25 Making Another Cat Shape
24:34 Time To Eat Them
25:24 Final Thoughts

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