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Grossery Gang Garbage Can - Moldy Chips - Icky Pops - Rotten Soda - Alyse and I had a lot of fun picking items out of the special garbage can from Moose Toys. Alyse had a lot of fun opening the items after we got them out of our special garbage can. These were all pretty cool sets and we hope to give the rest away! Which Grossery Gang pack did you like the most? Sorry, we did not get to add all of the names of the figures!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Grosseries Gang Garbage Can - Moldy Chips - Icky Pops - Rotten Soda

Series 2 - Ages 5+
Moldy Chips Grossery Gang
Icky Pops Grossery Gang
Rotten Soda Grossery Gang
Yuck Bar Blind Bag Grossery Gang
Horrid Hot Dog Machine Grossery Gang Set

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