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This month from Treats Inc is a nice selection of snacks from Greece. They were all pretty tasty. My favorite two were the Croissant & the Sesame Snack! I wish I had them right now as I type up this description. Every time I get to open a new snack box, I look forward to checking out all of the packaging and then opening and trying the different snacks. I have been trying about 3 boxes a month and that adds up to a ton of new snack items to show everyone.

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Greece Try Treats June Monthly Subscription Candy & Snacks Box

Mastiha Gum by Elma
Mantolato Soft Nougat by Orino
Petit Beure Classic by Allatini
Mirandas by Papadopoulos
Sesame Snack (Pastelli) by Makedoniko
ChocoFreta by Ion
Vanilla Cream Cookies by Allatini
Baloo Butter Rolls by Ion
Chocolate Croissant by 7 Days

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