​​​This was a fun kit to learn about. Once I figured out my Skinz Design Studio, I was free to Skinz what ever I wanted!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I decided to Skinz my cell phone case! It sure is colorful now! There are a few things I would recommend. Take your time to cut your Skinz as precise as possible. Fold it in carefully and make sure the sponge is wet enough. You can also add the water after if it looks like the paper is not wet enough. Just take your time and it should work great. Have fun and enjoy your Skinz!


▶▶ Skip Times
0:03 Intro/Package Details
1:03 Parts
1:35 Assembly
3:18 Pattern Skins
3:33 Getting Started
5:25 Model Shapes
6:55 Water Sponge
7:49 Suction
10:10 Skin Design #2
14:45 Remaining Skin Designs
23:50 Assembling The Pieces
25:20 Cell Phone Case Design!
28:32 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
The Graphic Skinz Design Studio has three customizable models you can try, including a Seahorse, Butterfly and Jewelry Box. It also includes the Vacuum Chamber and 30 different Graphic Skinz transfers. Everything you need to get started!

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