​​​Check it out! I make the Goo Hu Giant Eyeball Maker Kit. This was a lot of fun and I got to make some eyeballs! They bounced!

Buy Here ▶ http://luckypennyshop.com/disguise-giant-eyeball/

Lucky Penny Thoughts: These kits are fun to do and I have done 3 or 4 of them since this video. You just mix the A Matter with the B Matter together and then put it in a little mold to set. Once it is set, you take it out and have a bouncy ball! They worked great, just hard to set the inner eye and try to keep it centered when you press the two halves together.


▶ Key Points ◀
0:04 Introduction/Product Overview
1:10 Box Opening & Parts
2:59 Instructions
4:19 Getting Started
4:54 Combining A & B Matter Pods, Mix For 2 Minutes
8:14 Press Into Mold
8:40 Repeat A & B Mixing Process
11:45 Make 3 Mini Balls of Equal Size
12:12 Adding Iris Eye Cutouts
12:30 Assembling Eyeball Parts
13:23 Removing Gel & Cutting Into Thirds
14:44 More Mixing Of Clear Goo
16:53 Adding Clear Goo To Press (15 Min. Wait)
17:15 Opening & Removing Eyeball From Mold!
18:20 Making Smaller Bouncy Eyeballs
23:06 The Finished Bouncing Balls
23:57 Final Thoughts

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