This Cool Spaceship shaped container comes with 30 grams of Goo Blinx putty and a light module inside. Gently drop the UFO and be amazed at the multi colored light display! The flashing lights continue for about 20 seconds... then turn off until bumped again. The putty can be stretched, pulled, bounced, manipulated and stuck to things. Another new compound breakthrough from Play Visions. This is the world's first translucent putty, allowing light to transmit through it. Each UFO comes with a brilliant flashing light module, and when lit up inside the putty, the visual effects are stunning! Batteries are not replaceable. Do Not Eat. Always put putty back into container after play. leaving putty on walls,fabric or other pourous surfaces may cause discoloration of the surface. UFO Measures approximately 3 inches in diameter by 1 inch tall. Ages 3 and up