​​​Golden Coin Maker Set - Make Your Own Chocolate Coins! - This was a super fun chocolate maker set. As I test out a new chocolate candy maker, I never know how it will work and if the chocolate will turn out. This one worked really good and after I went through the process of melting and pouring in the colds, I was able to eat my chocolate coins. Do you like miniature toy candy maker sets? Check the links below for more videos.

[Key points in video]

0:14 Introduction/Product Overview
1:56 Box Opening
2:49 Parts Overview/Instructions
4:13 Melting The Chocolate
6:05 Melting And Adding More Chocolate
6:48 Chocolate Completely Melted
7:06 Adding Chocolate To The Molds
9:27 Removing Air Bubbles
10:58 Adding Top Sealing Pieces
11:32 Making White Chocolate Coins
11:56 Plastic Coin Face Mold Patterns
13:10 Adding More Chocolate Chips
13:44 Completely Melted & Pouring Molds
17:46 Cutting Coin Foil Circles
19:34 Removing Coins From Molds
20:30 Pressing Coins In Mold With Foil Sides
21:48 Cutting More Foil Circles & Pressing Coins
23:50 Removing Stuck Coin
24:44 Pressing Fun Shape Designs
28:02 Using The Scribing Design Tool
28:46 Melting Green Candy Buttons
29:56 Pouring Green Chocolate Molds
32:59 Pressing Green Coins
34:25 Pressing White Chocolate Coins
36:33 Adding Shapes To Coins
41:05 Half Silver - Half Gold Sides
42:52 Making Happy Birthday Coin Design
43:38 Making The Coin Bag
44:28 Other Chocolate Coin Collections
45:00 Final Thoughts - Tasting Them!

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