The gang from the Godzilla series gets the chibi treatment! The awesome figures in this Godzilla Chibi Super Deformed Mini-Figure 6-Pack are the perfect things for you to be able to show off your love for the Godzilla series but without having to carry around life-size versions of the monsters. With each mini-figure stylized to be Super Deformed, this fantastic 6-pack is a must-have for Godzilla fans. With 6 figures in all, you'll get the 1993 versions of Godzilla and Mechagodzilla, the 1992 version of Mothra, the 1972 version of Gigan, the 1991 version of King Ghidorah, and 1992's Destoroya! Totally awesome chibi-style Godzilla mini-figures! The Godzilla gang get some Super Deformed styling. Each SD mini-figure measures 2-inches tall!
  • Godzilla Chibi Super Deformed Mini-Figure 6-Pack: