​​​This was a fun set to make. I had never made a Glitzy Globe Set, so it was fun to learn about it make on video.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Any time I get a chance to check out a new set, I look forward to learning about it and trying it on video. These were really easy to make and looked great when they were done. Have you ever made Glitzy Globes? Let us know in the comments.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Introduction/Product Overview
0:45 Box Opening & Parts
2:35 Instructions Booklet
2:57 Parts Review
3:48 Filling Bottle & Pouring Clear Dome
5:37 Adding Mini Glitter Pellet
7:16 Adding Character & Base
7:52 Flip, Press & Remove Glitzi Globe
8:23 Adding to Bottom Base
8:39 Making Glitzi Globe #2
11:12 Making Glitzi Globe #3
12:25 Adding Base #3
12:34 Making Glitzi Globe #4
14:09 Adding Base #4
14:20 Glitzi Globes Up Close
14:55 Making A Mega Glitzi Globe
16:42 Adding Dome & Filling Up Mega Glitzi Globe
19:24 Plugging Up Mega Globe
19:54 Mega Globe Up Close
20:25 Checking Out The Globes - Dissolved Pellets
22:55 Glitzi Globes Set Up & In Action!
24:12 Final Thoughts

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