There's no way you can't have fun making these gingerbread houses! Great idea to get ready for the holidays! Not for children under 3 years. Kit Includes: Gingerbread House Panels, Various Candy, Pre-mixed Icing Mix Tubes, Set-Up Trays. Have some family fun for the Holidays with your family, the kids will love these. Assembly is required but No Baking.
  • Kit Includes: Set-up Tray, Various Candy, Pre-mixed Icing, Gingerbread House Panels
  • 28 oz Box - Each Kit contains Various Candy, Lots of fun for kids and adults both, Assembly Required
  • Wonka House Includes: Nerds, Sweetarts, Runts & Bottle Caps
  • Tootsie Roll House Includes: Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Fruit Rolls, Dubble Buddle, Dots & Flower Powers
  • Crayola House Includes: Spice Drops, Candy Flowers & Jelly Drops