Giggle Wiggle is a cute caterpillar with several hands to spare. You and your friends will quickly race to the top by placing your colored marbles starting from the bottom row of his hands all the way up to the top as he wiggles to the fun music. He will try to knock your marbles off as you are playing, but if he does… just pick them up and keep on racing! The first player to get all their marbles on in a row WINS! For two to four players, ages 4 and up. From the makers of Doggie Doo, Gooey Louie, Jumping Jack, Catch the Fox, Lucky Ducks, Mr. Bucket, Shark Bite, Googly Eyes, and Pop the Pig.
  • Players race to place their colored marbles from the bottom to the top!
  • Wiggle will try to drop the marbles, players must keep going
  • For 2-4 players ages 4 and up