​​​GAK Copier is the ultimate Nickelodeon Gak doodle tool that transfers your drawings onto Gak! Butch and I have a blast!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Butch and I have been doing a GAK series for months! This is the GAK copier, we also have done the GAK Vac and GAK Mixer in this series. The GAK Copier worked really good and we were able to transfer our images onto the GAK.
Butch and I had a lot of fun!


▶▶ Product Info
You can stretch and warp your doodles into all sorts of funny shapes. Includes 1 Gak Copier, 1 Gak Splat mat, 2 markers, 3 oz of Gak compound and instructions.

▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Introduction/Package Overview
2:02 Parts Overview
2:57 Instructions
4:08 Markers To Test
4:49 Kneading GAK
5:19 GAK Copier Overview
5:47 Butch Reading Instructions
6:21 Filing The Bed With GAK
7:00 Drawing Doodle To Transfer
8:15 Remove, Stretch & Warp The Image!
8:51 Drawing New Image & Pressing
10:22 Butch Reading Instructions (Joke)
11:04 Cleaning The Bed With Windex
11:19 Using White GAK
12:29 Remove, Stretch & Warp The Image!
12:47 Drawing Butch!
13:16 Remove, Stretch & Warp The Image!
13:57 Drawing Smiley Face
14:58 Final Thoughts

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GAK Video Series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL27_x9U5H26tMhDbMqRmHra70nRfAhWng

Nickelodeon GAK Color Mixer Play Set - Yakkity Yellow, Rebel Red, & Goo Green: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5LJIZEuP3k&index=6&list=PL27_x9U5H26tMhDbMqRmHra70nRfAhWng

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▶▶ Nickelodeon Items in this Video
GAK Copier
Wow White GAK
Yakkity Yellow GAK
Smell My GAK Bacon Scented

▶▶ Fun Translations
Check out these fun international language product translations!

مرحبا كيتي ميجا كتل "GAK копирна машина" "GAK 复印机" "GAK Kopírka" "GAK copieur" "GAK-Kopierer" "מכונת צילום GAK" "ギャック複写機" "각 복사기" "Kopiarki GAK" "Copiadora GAK" "ГАК копир" "Copiadora GAK" "ถ่ายเอกสาร GAK"

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