​​​This video is showing you how we repaired this Furby. He was in the original box, so we were surprised he did not work. After some help from another You Tuber Sunshine19967 on removing the fur, we took the plunge and dismantled him.

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Once you remove the layer of fur, remove the 5 screws and pull back the white rim around his eyes (this is hot glued in place) you can get a full view of the interior. Look for any loose wires or pieces. Take a tool and poke around at the gears and also look at the motor.

I realized after touching the copper part of the motor, I could feel there was a current going to the motor. That was a good sign that power was working on the Furby. So I just kept moving the motor with the tool and did that over and over.

Eventually the motor starting spinning more and more until it just all started working. So there is a chance your non-working Furby can be repaired.


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