Furby McDonalds 1998 Happy Meal Fast Food Toys - 30 Total! I showed this collection of toys in my bigger Furby Collection video. Watch it here - https://youtu.be/8ovXkUr-mk8 I still have one more collection of the 2000 Furby. They were the softy plush toys. I'm missing 4 from this set, so once I find them, I will make the video. There was also a poster that showed all 80 of these toys. I did see someone on eBay with all 80 and they wanted $80 + shipping. I will probably keep finding them on eBay and garage sales and I have done a bunch of these Furby on old videos, but as single toys. I will need to do a color inventory and see what I'm still missing.

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Furby McDonalds 1998 Happy Meal Fast Food Toys - 30 Total!

#1 Furby
Press back button and eyes quickly flutter

#2 Furby
Furby has a wheel on the bottom, feet and ears move up and down

#3 Furby
This is a pull back toy

#4 Furby
Push on feet and eyes, mouth and ears move up and down

#5 Furby
This is like a vintage moo toy - turn over and back to get the sound

#6 Furby
Button on tail pushes in and ears cover eyes

#7 Furby
This has a squeaky sound when the tail is pushed in

#8 Furby
Roller ball on back - eyes move left and right, ears go up and down

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