​​​I finally get to take a look at a classic and very interactive 2005 Furby from Tiger Electronics. We had fun singing together!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is not our first look at the 2005 Furby. The first video was more of a joke/fun way of handling a Furby that did not want to cooperate while on camera! We ended up selling that Furby and replacing it with a few more. We have bunch of Furby that have never made it to on a video. Hope we can get to them all this year!


▶▶ Skip Times
0:07 Intro/Box Details
1:36 Parts/Operation (Try Me)
2:25 Helpful Hints/Instructions
5:53 Resetting Furby/Communicating
6:36 Feeding Furby
7:22 Speaking Furbish
9:39 Telling A Joke
10:00 Go To Sleep
12:09 Sing Me A Song
13:48 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
Furby! Emoto-Tronic Toy, 2005 Tiger

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2012 Teal Furby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUoJ__1QxQ0&list=PLEDC0D0F4BBF54791&index=31

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