"Forever Spin tops are Made in Canada, and CNC-machined from a solid piece of metal for precision, quality and durability. Every spinning top is meticulously checked to ensure that only perfectly balanced tops receive a serial number and carry the Forever Spin seal. We have taken the world’s oldest toy and transformed it into a timeless jewel. Your Forever Spin top can be passed on for generations to cherish. It’s the perfect gift, designed to last forever. Forever Spin is one of the most recognized spin top company in the world. Look for our authentic holographic serial number and don’t settle for imitations."
  • The strong one - The best surface finish! It gives off a brilliant spectrum of rainbow color hues when observed under the light. Nickel is also very hard and durable, making it a perfect desk companion.
  • Tops are precision-machined using only the purest metals and alloys from around the world. Every last top is checked for perfection! Only the finest tops receive the ForeverSpinTM seal.
  • Boost creativity and focus with this stunning desk ornament or challenge yourself by beating your spinning time or challenging friends for pizza or drinks!
  • 31 g / 1.1 oz