The History of FIZZIES...

FIZZIES were first created in 1956 by Emerson Drug Company (creators of Bromo-Seltzer), in Baltimore, Maryland. The scientists working at Emerson wondered if a fun, fruit flavored drink could be developed and after some long hours, they finally figured it out! Emerson Drug sold FIZZIES regionally and in 1956, Emerson Drug merged with Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Company of Morris Plains, New Jersey. Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical went national with the FIZZIES brand in 1962 and had great success! Fizzies Commercials

In 1968, the FDA banned the artificial sweetener used to make FIZZIES, called cyclamates. Cyclamates were an essential part of making Fizzies tablets, and the scientist didn't know how to reformulate. Retailers sold their remaining stock until 1970 but then FIZZIES disappeared from shelves. In 1995, a new owner of the FIZZIES trademark contacted an effervescent specialist at Amerilab Technologies in Minnesota to reformulate and manufacture FIZZIES using aspartame. FIZZIES were back on the market, but their re-emergence was short-lived. The company that owned the trademark unfortunately went out of business in 1996, and FIZZIES disappeared again. Fizzies Today...Baby Boomer Tested... New Generation Approved!

The CEO of Amerilab Technologies, who manufactured FIZZIES for the now-bankrupt trademark owner, decided he couldn't bear to live in a world without FIZZIES. He bought the trademark, and started manufacturing again. Now even healthier with 100% RDA Vitamin C, and made with sucralose instead of aspartame, FIZZIES are still great-tasting and fun. Kids love to make FIZZIES drink tablets. And our young-at-heart FIZZIES fans have been thrilled to discover they can enjoy FIZZIES all over again! The new FIZZIES Drink Tablets taste exactly as you remember them, and allow you to quickly make your own flavored, fizzy drink .

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  • Sparkling Drink Tablets Made in the U.S.A. Created in 1956
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