Fisher-Price Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake's Battle at Shipwreck Falls

The dreams that pirates are made of!

Preschool-friendly battle play is every boy’s dream! Help Jake battle the mummy Pirate at mysterious Shipwreck Falls. With a tug of the arm, Jake’s battle adventure comes to life and the Mummy and Jake begin the adventure! Just like the show, now you can help Jake find the golden treasure! With lights and sounds, secret trap doors, two battle areas, 3 levels of play, and hidden treasure…the adventure is endless!

Help Jake find the golden treasure!
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Slide the skull or turn the crow's nest for dueling action!
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3 levels of battling action!

This innovative new playset features 3 different levels of battle play areas! Comes with one 5 inch sword fighting Jake figure, one 5 inch mummy figure, a secret trap door and hidden treasure; lights and sounds!

Bring your favorite characters to the fray!

Additional Buccaneer Battling figures that attach and are activated by the playset are also available. Buccaneer Battling Jake, Buccaneer Battling Hook, and Buccaneer Battling Izzy are sold separately and subject to availability.

How does Jake help my child learn and grow?

Playing with Jake promotes development of sensory and fine motor skills as well as balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Pretend play helps foster curiosity, discovery, imagination and creativity as well as encouraging thinking and problem solving. Like all Disney toys, Jake nurtures sharing and cooperation, listening and communication, self-expression and confidence, as well as rekindling a sense of security and happiness!

Boys can make Jake battle the mummy and Hook (sold separately)
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  • Slide the skull to make Jake duel with the mummy
  • Figures peg to deck and crow’s nest
  • Turn the crow’s nest for dueling and light-up action
  • Turn the waterfall to reveal the hidden treasure
  • Figures fall through the secret trap door
  • Jake duels with the mummy!
  • Eyes in the skull light up as they duel
  • Turn the waterfall to reveal the hidden treasure
  • Figures fall through the secret trap door
  • Ships in Frustration-Free Packaging