​​​Disney Handy Manny's Musical Talking Tool Box! What a fun toy to watch and play with.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: All of the tools come out of this set, so you can play with each tool. There is Felipe the Phillips head screwdriver, Turner the flat head screwdriver, Pat the hammer, Dusty the hand saw, Squeeze the pliers, and Rusty the tape measure, Watch them dance and sing along! Such a fun toy to watch.


▶▶ Product Info ◀◀
Manny's tool box is an icon from the show and once kids have it, they can pretend they are Manny and interact with Manny's tool friends from the show
Tool box comes with 6 tools, Pat, Turner, Stretch, Felipe, Squeeze, and Rusty
Press the Manny button on the toolbox, the tools will come to life right before the child's eyes
Tool box actually interacts with the other tools through song & sound effects

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Check out these fun international language product translations!

ديزني هاندي ماني "Дисни Хенди Мани" "迪斯尼派上用场曼尼" "Disney Handy Manny" "Disney handig Manny" "דיסני שימושי מני" "ディズニー便利なマニー" "디즈니 핸디 매니" "Disney Handy Мэнни" "ดิสนีย์มีประโยชน์แมนนี่"

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