Thanks to EsianMall for sending this Premium Monthly Box.

Esian Mall Snacks - Star Wars Geek Items! - Monthly Subscription Box! I will continue to try these boxes for this year and I hope you like all of the different items they have in every box. You get the swag items along with snack items. It is fun trying all of the different snacks. I thought this was a nice selection of items that I would try again.

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Esian Mall Snacks - Star Wars Geek Items! - Monthly Subscription Box

Bourbon Cheese Okaki
Star Wars Coaster
Star Wars Sticker
Haitai Spicy Rice Cake Sticks
Bonus Deluxe Star Wars Gloves
Amanoya Kabuki Age Family
Glico Pretz Olive Cheese
Glico Pretz Olive Basil
Sapporo Tonkotsu Ramen
Bourbon Rufeel Biscuit
Bourbon Kitano Tamago Sable
Sanko Parinko
Bourbon Kikori No Kirikabu
Kasugai Ramune Gummy

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