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We’re inviting you to share with us your pictures of your favorite Yowie collectibles to win a fantastic Yowie goodie bag. Think Giant Panda on the bough of a willow tree, or Alpaca munching on the grass in your garden, you can pose the collectibles wherever you like but it must be in a natural setting. You can group animals together or photograph them individually, and you can enter as many pictures as you like. We have only one rule – let your imagination fly! We've been greatly inspired by some of the pictures being created of the Yowie collectibles, and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Post your entries onto our Facebook wall or e-mail them to by Sunday, 15th November. We will pick the TEN best entries and then ask YOU to vote for the winner.

Hurry and tell your friends about it!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Butch and I had a lot of fun checking out this collection of Yowie Chocolate Eggs, we open them, melt the chocolate and then have play time in the Spongebob fish tank. Did you enjoy this video? Let us know in the comments. We submitted our photo into the contest!


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