​​​Watch our product video for a Emenee Vintage 1966 Chocolate Factory Candy Maker Set.

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[Key points in video]

0:14 Introduction/Package Overview
2:04 Package Opening
2:32 Parts Overview
4:05 Melting Chocolate Wafers
4:55 Instructions/Steps
6:34 Melting & Stirring More Wafers
7:51 Adding More Chocolate Wafers & Melting
8:18 Final Stirring Of Chocolate
9:21 Pouring Mold #1
10:22 Tamping Chocolate Into Mold
11:03 Talking About The Chocolate Molding Process
12:05 Pouring Molds #2-5
13:19 Tamping Down The Rest Of The Molds
15:00 Topping Off The Molds With Extra Chocolate
15:58 Cooling Down In Refrigerator - Molding More Candy
16:42 Making An Emenee Chocolate Bar
19:07 Making Smaller Chocolate & Peanut Bar
19:44 Adding Crushed Peanuts & More Chocolate
21:50 Making Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
25:31 Out Of The Fridge - Finished Chocolate Candies!
25:47 Removing Candy From Molds
28:00 Time To Eat Some Chocolate!
30:31 Final Thoughts

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