Kenner's Easy Bake Popcorn Machine! I have to say it is one of the coolest and most colorful popcorn machines I have tested.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: What this machine lacks in popping speed is more then made up for in the design, colors and the way it works. It pops with one 75 watt light bulb and overall took around 25-28 minutes to make a batch. I will say batch #2 took less time. I'm not sure if you noticed but I re-did three of the decals to align better on the popcorn machine :) Just one of my little details I like to have perfect for the next owner of this machine.


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Easy Bake Popcorn Maker Light Bulb Popping! - Kenner, 1995

0:08 - Checking out the box
1:51 - Looking over the parts, setting up and applying decals
12:05 - Filling the salt dispenser
14:18 - Adding the kernels for the first batch
14:44 - Popping starting
16:41 - Filling the bowl with popcorn
17:55 - Salting the popcorn, tasting and final thoughts
20:14 - Extra popping bonus footage

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