​​​Time to show my "Wrapping" skills :) I was looking forward to re-making this video and showing the "Gum" powder!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: The process of making the Dubble Bubble gum is really easy. The heating area is not hot that it can burn you in any way. It is a mild heat, that is just enough to break down the powder and liquid. I definitely took my time on wrapping the gum this video :) It is fun for me to re-visit these sets and see if I missed something from the first attempt and then also to correct some of the things I did wrong. Watch as I make my own gum with this Bubble Gum Factory from Dubble Bubble.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Intro
1:30 Getting Started - Setup
2:33 Gum Powder Mixing
4:41 Baking Gum & Mixing
7:00 Removing Gum
8:23 Kneading Gum
10:46 Cutting Gum
11:18 Gum Wrappers
13:17 Wrapping Gum Pieces
16:00 Comparing Ours vs. Originals
16:27 Taste Testing
17:47 Final Thoughts

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