​​​Doug's First Movie on Video McDonald's Happy Meal Toys! Let's take a look at the complete 1999 set.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Here is the next video in our Retro Happy Meal Toy Series. I like to check out each toy in the video and open them on camera. Having the original Happy Meal Bag to show everyone is something we really want to continue. It is cool to think that someone kept the bag and the toys since 1999!


▶▶ Product Info
0:03 Intro
0:26 Happy Meal Bag
1:45 #1 Doug Figurine
3:00 #2 Porkchop Figurine
4:12 #3 Quailman Figurine
5:27 #4 Skeeter Valentine
6:20 #5 Doug Toy
7:45 #6 Patti Mayonnaise Figurine
8:45 #7 Doug Treasure keeper
9:46 #8 The Monster Of Lucky Duck Lake
10:59 The Complete Set

▶▶ Product Info
Doug's First Movie on Video 1999 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
#1 Doug Figurine
#2 Porkchop Figurine
#3 Quailman Figurine
#4 Skeeter Valentine
#5 Doug Toy
#6 Patti Mayonnaise Figurine
#7 Doug Treasure keeper
#8 The Monster Of Lucky Duck Lake

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