​​​Kracie Double Cheeseburger Popin' Cookin', Happy Kitchen Burger Set. 2 Burgers for LPS-Dave! Order Up!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a really fun set to make. The hardest part was cutting the hamburger into 4 different pieces. I also had the fries a little too long in the microwave. Overall, the kit is fun because you make the complete mini happy meal. This one taste like real food and is not a sweet Kracie kit. The soda tasted like soda, the burger tasted like onion and the french fries did taste like a potato. If you get a chance, you should try this set. Remember to take your time and have fun.


▶ Key Points ◀
0:07 Introduction/Box Overview
0:49 Box Opening & Parts
2:02 Product Overview
2:24 Cutting Out Work Mat, French Fry Container, Hamburger Flags
3:58 Cutting The Tray
4:35 Adding Water To Containers
5:11 Mixing The French Fries Mix
6:57 Pressing & Molding The French Fries
8:16 Microwaving The French Fries
9:11 Assembling French Fry Container
9:58 Cutting The French Fries
10:42 Adding Fries To Container
11:25 Mixing The Meat Patty
14:56 Pressing & Molding The Patty
15:23 Mixing The Hamburger Buns
17:48 Pouring The Buns Mix
19:02 Microwaving The Hamburger & Buns
19:51 Mixing The Cheese Slices
22:17 Pressing & Molding The Cheese
23:54 Cutting & Cleaning Up The Edges
24:41 Mixing The Ketchup Sauce
26:23 Remove The Hamburger & Buns and Slicing
32:30 Assembling Drink Cup
33:56 Time To Build Some Hamburgers!
35:51 The Final Product - Time To Eat!
38:17 Final Thoughts

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