​​​Snack Combo Time! I get to try a Doritos Jacked Test Flavor #404 and a Mr Cola!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: These two worked well together. The #404 had a lime, sweet flavor to them, but I could not say it tasted exactly like a particular flavor. I really liked the "Mr" Cola drink and thought it had a nice cola flavor to it. This was a fun way to try a new snack. Not knowing the flavor made it really hard to say what it was. It tasted good!


▶▶ Product Info
Originally formulated in the mid 1940's as a competitor to the other cola sodas on the market. The marketing worked and it became very successful. This full bodied cola will definitely show you why this is considered the Aristocrat of Colas. Made in our production plant in Mukilteo, WA. 12 - 12oz. glass bottled sodas.

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