​​​Kracie Happy Kitchen Donut Set! What a fun set to make if you like DIY mini food kits. It is edible!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was our first video in the Kracie Mini Food Series. The Donut DIY kit is probably one of the most popular and videoed kits on YouTube. This is one of the kits that does require a microwave. I really like to study the back of the package and take my time with these kits. As you will see, I do all of my work on camera and that is what makes our videos longer.


▶▶Key points in video
0:15 Overview
1:15 Unboxing
2:06 Cutting Out Mat
2:58 Parts Inventory
4:18 Step 1 - Mixing The Vanilla Donuts
7:43 Kneading Vanilla Dough
8:33 Dividing & Rolling Vanilla Dough Piece
9:32 Step 2 - Mixing The Chocolate Donuts
11:42 Kneading Chocolate Dough
12:31 Dividing & Rolling Chocolate Dough Pieces
13:33 Step 3 - Forming Donut Shapes
18:09 Step 4 - Mixing The Frosting
22:13 Adding Frosting To Piping Bag
24:43 Step 4 - Decorating The Donuts
28:25 Step 5 - Special Decorating
33:55 Donut Tray Presentation & Final Touches
36:39 Final Product & Eating The Donuts!

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