​​​Pop! It was a shocker when the Don't Blow Your Top Game did! I really like these old Schaper games and had fun learning about it.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Once I figured out how to set up the balloon correctly I was able to play this game. Schaper had a bunch of unique games like this. Once you set the balloon on top and add the marble collector hat, the game is on! Slowly add the marbles and in a matter of time, POP! It sure startled me! If you ever get a chance to play one of these older games, I say give it a shot.


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لعب شابر "Шапер играчки" "schaper 玩具" "Schaper hračky" "Schaper speelgoed" "jouets Schaper" "Schaper-Spielzeug" "schaper צעצועים" "schaper おもちゃ" "schaper 장난감" "Schaper toys" "zabawki Schaper" "brinquedos Schaper" "Schaper игрушки" "Schaper juguetes" "ของเล่น schaper?