​​​This is a 1990 Domino's Make N' Bake Pizza Oven from Fun Stop Toys! I make a cheese and meat lovers pizza with this oven.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Pizza Time! I get to check out another kids pizza oven with the Domino's Pizza Make N' Bake Kids Oven. This is a great oven because it is really easy to check if the pizza is done. That makes it really handy and more like a real oven! I had fun testing out the Pillsbury Pizza Dough for the first time. It tasted and worked great. This was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed the video!


▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Intro
1:15 Parts
2:50 Functions
3:33 Getting Started
4:32 Pizza Dough
7:22 Adding Baking Dough To Oven
8:20 Pizza Sauce
9:34 Adding Mozzarella
11:05 Pizza Toppings
13:15 Removing Pizza Crust From Oven
16:00 Adding Toppings
18:34 Meat Lovers Pizza!
19:11 Closeup Look

▶▶ Product Info
1990 Domino's Make N' Bake Pizza Oven

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