Check this out! I have my own drink laboratory to experiment with and make some fun tasting drinks.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is the last set for this Halloween! I hope you enjoyed all of the other sets. the goal now is to complete all of the sets in 2016. We are on the toy hunt to get them. Remember, I will be slowing down for the next few weeks to catch my breath and gear up for our December video series! Thanks for being so loyal and watching our videos!


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Dr Dreadful Drink Lab - Funrise Toys, 2006

0:08 - Intro and box review
1:14 - checking out all of the pieces
2:31 - Putting in batteries and adding the stickers
4:07 - Putting the laboratory together - testing the pump
11:29 - Setting up the laboratory for the first drink
15:46 - Experiment #3 - Plasma Bubbles
21:53 - Experiment #4 - Tangy Eyeball Bites
27:02 - Experiment #1 - Monster Warts
29:31 - Experiment #2 - Fruity Foamy Finger
31:25 - Experiment #5 - Luscious Leeches
35:42 - Experiment #15 Frothy Fruity Fungus
45:49 - Final thoughts recap all experiments

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